"Selling is such a Blast!!"

Said no home seller EVER! Let's face it. Selling your home in Wenatchee and undergoing the daunting task of moving can be extremely stressful. It can put a strain and burden on your family. If you are going to invest the time and resources to prep your home for sale, undergo constant cleaning for showings, and deal with non-stop interruptions from potential buyers previewing your home, you are going to need a no-fluff, no bluff, kick-butt Realtor that is a Marketing Machine and will get your home SOLD Quickly for Top Dollar.

You are going to need a Realtor with the knowledge, skills, and resources to put your home in front of as many potential buyers as imaginable. Using cutting edge technology and advertising to grab the attention of potential buyers is a task that is much easier said than done. It is no secret, that the vast majority of agents in the market today still praise the sacred "MLS" and a generic for sale sign as their secret to selling your home. Most agents today expect to slap a sign in your yard and "list your home on the MLS", just to pocket 3-7% of your homes equity, that you have worked hard for! In todays market, you need an agent with the skills to not only get your home sold, but to put MORE Money in your pocket, and take the headache away from trying to sell it yourself. 

Selling Process Overview

Step 1 - Find out What your home could sell for.

This step is about finding that "Sweet Spot". If you overprice your home out of the gate, and set your listing price too high, potential buyers may not even take the time to look at your home, let alone consider it as an option for them. It is proven, that pricing your home closer to "fair market value" when it first hits the market, the more likely it is to sell, and at a higher price! Nothing is as accurate at determining market value for your home, as a comprehensive market analysis from a skilled professional. But our free No Hassle "Home Valuation Tool" is a great place to start! 

Step 2 - Consult/Interview a Realtor

It is crucial to consult with a skilled agent in the beginning of the process, before you go painting the entire house, knocking down a wall, or ripping out your old counter tops! Keep in mind, once you have decided to sell, it is no longer "your" home. You are setting the stage for a buyer that may have a totally different preference of appeal and decor than you do. A skilled agent is going to be able to provide you with an unbiased perspective on what features will increase the "Desirability" for your home, allowing you to sell it for the MOST amount of money possible. 

Step 3 - Call in the Cavalry 

This is the time we polish the place and make your home Shine! We work with the best service providers in North Central Washington (and throughout Washington State), to make your home stand out. Professional Photography, Arial Drone shots, High Definition Video Tours, Virtual Tours, Professional Staging, and so much more! 

Step 4 - Initialize the Marketing Plan

Now that your home is prepped, polished, and ready to shine, its time to Unleash The Fury!!!!...Our Marketing Plan that is ;)...With our Marketing plan, your home will be exposed like no other home in the market. We don't just slap some half wit low quality flip phone photos of your home onto the MLS, pound a sign in the yard, and move on the the next house. We use a mix of Online, Print, and cutting edge marketing techniques to sell your home for TOP DOLLAR!

Step 5 - Feedback - Report - Adjust

We will connect at minimum weekly (daily in many cases), with feedback on how your home is performing, and what kind of activity we are receiving. We will provide you will all feedback from buyers who have previewed your home, and analyze that feedback for any adjustments or changes we may need to consider. 

All to often we here stories of the "Secret Agent". You know, that agent that takes a listing, sticks a sign in the yard, and are never heard from again! We often hear stories from clients who didn't hear from their previous agent for weeks/months at a time. Communication is Vital, and makes the selling process much less stressful. Communication is key to identify when adjustments need to be made on pricing/marketing/targeting.

Step 6 - Come to the table (Negotiate)  

There is much more to negotiating, than just agreeing on the final sales price. There are many moving pieces to the sale, such as financing, inspections, environmental studies, required selling disclosures, appraisals, and much more. All of this can be very overwhelming, and often times, sellers accept a much lower final sales price than they should, simply because they don't want to "lose" a buyer. You need a skilled agent that can provide expert advice, and keep potential buyers from "walking", all while getting you the Highest Possible Price for your home. 

Want to learn more about the selling process? Contact Us and let us know how we can help you and your situation. We are here to serve and support you with all of your real estate needs!